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Natural Born Tillers is dedicated to help you establish and grow your farm. Whether you are starting out with a quarter acre, or you are scaling up to facilitate wholesale production, our coaching services can help you understand and implement successful production and business practices that will optimize your success. 

In addition to our coaching services, as we design and build your perfect commercial landscape, it will promote teamwork within your company, encourage and educate sustainable living, beautify your area, and boost your business developments.

With over 10 years of experience in sustainable production agriculture, we can put our knowledge and resources to work in helping you establish a complete farm plan that will allow you to concentrate on growing delicious, healthy food for your community and beyond. 

Schedule an initial consult today to determine if Natural Born Tillers is a good fit for your farm. Let's get growing.

Cory Mosser

Cory Mosser

I founded Natural Born Tillers In 2014 after managing small organic farms around Georgia for almost 10 years. I am passionate about creating innovative farm projects that create lasting opportunities for new growers. In addition to in-the-dirt experience, I have also worked as a wholesale distributor, a co-op manager, a local retail grocer and a chef. Because of this dynamic experience, I am able to offer a unique perspective when it comes to planning and executing a new farm project, or improving an existing one. In addition to start-up consulting, I enjoy presenting to groups both small and large, and I have given talks at conferences around the South including CFSA, SSAWG, GA Organics, and The Sunbelt Ag Expo.