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Natural Born Tillers is dedicated to help you establish and grow something special. We have over 25 years of experience managing sustainable agriculture and connecting people to food and place. We are passionate about inspiring people to connect and interact with their surroundings, and we can help you unlock the true potential of your site. 

Schedule an initial consult today to determine if Natural Born Tillers is a good fit for your project. Let's get growing.


Cory founded Natural Born Tillers In 2014 after managing small organic farms around Georgia for almost 10 years. Cory wanted to share the connection to food that he experienced as a farmer, and soon found success growing food in unique places to break up the monotony of urban landscapes. He is inspired by the discovery that people feel when they start to relate to their food and their environment. You will find Cory making forced, extended metaphors about the philosophical nature of agriculture, and if you're lucky, a solid, food related pun run that is hard to beet.


So excited to be mentioned multiple times in the Atlanta Journal Constitution! Always growing something special! 


Andrea has been a Natural Born Tiller since 2019. She gained her farming experience through Jenny Jack Sun Farm and Serenbe Farms which led to her serving in FoodCorps AmeriCorps as a gardening and nutrition educator in Title I schools. She manages  on-site garden maintenance and educational engagement for NBT. You will find Andrea harvesting in every kind of weather, watering at unreasonably early hours, and taking cool pictures of bugs and plants...always with a smile! 

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